TLC Cares

Your Dreams
If you can dream it , we can build it. We concur with the legendary service provider, Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Your Tranquility
• Peace is at a premium.
• Your landscape can promote restoration and relaxation
• Landscaping isn’t the only answer…but it helps

Your Time
• Time is valuable. We protect it.
• We meet appointments and deadlines.
• We provide turn-key product management.
• Bottom line… your job delivered, on time.

Your Money
• Employees are measurably more productive and personally fulfilled when working in a neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing environment thus producing a great return on investment.
• Landscaping can yield 12-18% return of investment on your property.
• Well landscaped properties average 10-15% of their property value on landscaping.
• We will complete your project on budget!

Your Friends
• Take a daily vacation!
• An Outdoor Oasis!
• Entertain in style!
• Be proud of where you work

Your Environment
• We cannot out-create the creator, but we can protect his creation.
• We practice in such a way as to edify and not destroy the earth.

Time is precious.
Spend it doing what you love.

Spend time with friends and family.
Let the professionals at
TLC take care of
your landscape needs.