Outdoor Entertaining

On days with beautiful weather, why not make the most of your beautiful landscaping and entertain outside? Want to throw a football party in your beautiful backyard? No problem! Will your client enjoy your outdoor meeting area more than the conference room? Perhaps some fresh air and a dose of vitamin D will help close the deal.

If you have a particular layout that would work best for entertaining, we would be happy to accommodate it. We can also install TV’s outside to ensure that not a minute of your favorite show is missed.

On days that you just need a place to relax, let your landscaped yard provide the peace and tranquility you need. Let The Landscape Company provide a little “heaven on earth”, right in your back yard or office courtyard.

“I would highly recommend The Landscape Company to anyone looking to improve their outdoor space. Now I get to spend my free time enjoying being outside in my wonderful yard with my family. ”

Heidi Schecodnic

Wake Forest, NC

“Wonderful job, start to finish. We are very, very happy with how everything turned out. I can’t think of one thing that could have gone better. Would definitely recommend The Landscape Company.”

Joy Sorbo

Cary, NC